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"The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and "Vic and Sade"

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we present an episode of “The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” set on the Emerald Island. Today, kissing the Blarney Stone is must-do for tourists. Back in Queen Victoria’s time, the tradition was less-known and a lot more dangerous - as the Great Detective and the Good Doctor are about to learn. Then we double-dip into classic Americana with two episodes of “Vic and Sade.” First Vic is requested to tackle some ballistic golf clubs, and then he receives a top honor in the world of kitchenware.


The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

March 18, 1946

“The Adventure of the Blarney Stone”


Vic and Sade

April, 1941

“40 Lbs of Golf Clubs”


May 2, 1941

“Vic’s Picture on Quarterly Cover”


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