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In 1990, producer John S. Drew came up with a strange idea to garner some experience producing television.  Living in New York, one, wanting to breaking into television, doesn't exactly stand out in a crowd.  And so the public access show was born.


The show was only supposed to last six episodes, but John and his friends he managed to convince to help him were having so much fun, they kept it going.  Keith DeCandido hosted the show along with Judith Furnari and then Andrea Lipinski.  The show lasted four years.  During that time, it was featured in The Village Voice and spoofed on Comedy Central.


As with anything, the show ran its course and the friends moved on to bigger and better things.


Fast forward to 2008.  John had been experimenting with podcasting and thought how putting a podcast together where he and his friends enthused about the pop culture things they loved would be a lot of fun.  So why not just bring back The Chronic Rift?  His friends were hesitant at first, but he convinced them, pointing out they didn't have to worry about how they looked as there were no cameras.


Since then, the show has changed in style, content, and "Rift Regulars".  But the two constants are John and Keith.  The show has not been consistent in releases in recent months, but that is now changing, especially in light of the network of programming that surrounds and supports the main show.


The network began in 2011 with the premieres of The Weekly Podioplex, Presenting the Transcription Feature, and All Hail the Scream Queen.  The former two shows continue to this day and are joined by over 20 more programs.


Take a moment to check out our library of programming.  There's a good chance you will find something that appeals to you and in doing so, you may discover some new podcasts for your enjoyment.

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