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Presenting the Transcription Feature: MEET ME AT PARKY'S & OUR MISS BROOKS

For our second Christmas-themed episode this year, we move from Christmas into New Year’s. We start off with Eve Arden in “Our Miss Brooks.” It’s Christmas Eve, and Connie seems destined to spend it alone (if you don’t count her pathetic little Christmas tree), but what would a Christmas comedy be without a little miracle? Then it’s time to “Meet Me at Parky’s,” where that congenial Greek restaurateur, Parky himself, will spend the end of December looking for tickets to the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game in Pasadena. If he can get any, that will be a miracle as well.


Our Miss Brooks

"The Magic Christmas Tree"

December 19, 1948


Meet Me at Parky’s

“Rose Bowl Tickets”

December 7, 1947


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