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Presenting the Transcription Feature: MOLLE MYSTERY THEATRE & MEET ME AT PARKY'S

We think of Ray Bradbury as a fantasist or a science fiction writer. But he was equally adept at crime drama. One of his first sales was “Killer Come Back to Me” to Detective Tales in July of 1944. Less than two years later, it was adapted for the radio by the “Molle Mystery Theatre.” This hard-boiled noir tale of killers, dames, and stolen identities takes a number of clever twists and turns. But does crime ever pay? Then on “Meet Me At Parky’s,” everyone’s favorite Greek restauranteur decides to help out with a teacher shortage. He may be known for his malapropisms in English, but if he’s going to teach his native Greek nothing could possibly go wrong, right?


Molle Mystery Theatre

“Killer Come Back to Me”

May 17, 1946


Meet Me At Parky’s

“Teachers Wanted”

November 10, 1946


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