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Episode 45: The A2s Always Were a Bit Twitchy

Episode 45—The A2s Always Were a Bit Twitchy

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, dive into Aliens (1986) for part three of their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. Remember, always listen to Ripley!


Intro :28

First Reactions on Second Viewing :53

It’s a Long Movie/Director’s Cut 1:15

Alien vs. Aliens 2:40

Sci-Fi Soldiers 3:40

Opening Scenes 4:26

Blue-Collar Space Worker 6:17

We Have to Talk About Vasquez 6:45

Burke the Corporate Toady 10:50

Jonesy 11:53

Ripley and PTSD 12:21

The Quotable Aliens 13:33

Boardroom Recap 13:58

What the Audience Knows 14:47

There are Aliens in Aliens 15:20

“The A2s Always Were a Bit Twitchy” 16:25

Bishop’s Hair 17:28

“Somebody Wake Up Hicks” 18:09

James Horner/The Wrath of Khan 18:50

A Rare Sequel 21:19

Motion Trackers 22:05

Listen to Ripley! 22:35

Newt 24:03

Facehugger Scuttling 24:48

Ripley’s Deleted Daughter 25:50

Punching Company Guys 27:27

Hicks is Steve Trevor 27:50

Deleted Daughter and Newt 28:35

“It Won’t Make Any Difference” 30:33

“What the Hell Are We Supposed to Use, Harsh Language?” 31:17

Ripley Takes Charge 32:32

“Nuke the Entire Site from Orbit. It’s the Only Way to Be Sure” 33:55

“Game Over Man” 35:20

“They Mostly Come Out at Night. Mostly” 36:05

Newt’s Bedtime/“She’s Just a Piece of Plastic” 36:30

“It Was a Bad Call, Ripley” 36:48

Bishop in a Tube 37:30

Ripley and Hicks 39:25

Burke Releases the Facehuggers 40:27

Aliens in the Ceiling 42:26

“You Want Some of This” 43:31

Burke Gets His 43:50

The Redemption of Gorman 44:35

Newt Falls 45:18

Ripley Gears Up for Newt 46:15

Newt Screams 48:04

Queen’s Chamber 48:45

Threatening the Eggs 50:00

Queen on the Elevator 52:44

Where’s Bishop? 53:37

Queen Takes Bishop 54:25

Is Ripley an Ellen? 55:53

“Get Away From Her, You Bitch” 57:05

Bishop Saves Newt 58:13

“Mommy” 58:43

Newt’s Bedtime/“Will I Dream?” 59:25

More Deleted Scenes 1:00:02

Final Thoughts 1:01:45

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