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Episode 44: Special Order 937

Episode 44—Special Order 937

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, revisit the original Alien (1979) as they continue their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. Scott tries to live in a world where the prequels don’t exist, but Ella’s love of Walter keeps Covenant alive, making some comparing and contrasting with the classic film unavoidable!


Intro :28

Nothing Happened Before Alien :55

Opening Shots 1:30

Real People, Real Scary 2:20

Creepy Sounds 4:24

Wakey, Wakey 5:15

Model Landing 6:15

Are There Other Aliens? 7:12

That Is NOT a Spacesuit 9:59

Don’t Stick Your Face in That Thing 10:38

Listen To Ripley, People 12:35

Introducing Sigourney Weaver 13:35

Facehugger 15:40

Chestburster 18:50

Space Monster Context 19:29

Alien as Slasher Movie 21:03

Part of the Ship or Dolly Track? 23:08

Brett and Jonesy and Dallas 24:30

Ash Freaks Out 27:37

Lambert Has a Bad Day 29:20

Watching for Decades 30:23

Okay, There Were Prequels 31:37

What Makes an Alien Movie? 36:25

Questions You Didn’t Ask, Answers You Don’t Want 38:10

Imagine a Sensible Prequel 38:56

Could You Have an Alien Film Without the Alien? 40:02

Daniels and Walter in Covenant 42:45

Run, Ripley, Run 44:04

Slasher’s Last Slash 44:51

Our Cat Cameos as Jonesy 45:48

Life Cycles and Cocoons 45:52

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