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The Chronic Rift: 001 - We'll Do it Live!

The Chronic Rift comes back to life and in a new way! Host John S. Drew is back at the helm along with The Weekly Podioplex host Michael Falkner to bring you a new episode recorded live on You Tube! Each week, John and the Rift crew (including Rift Regulars - Keith R.A. DeCandido and Krissy Myers) will be bringing you the latest news, reviews, and interviews with those who bring the culture to pop culture. Join them on You Tube by subscribing to the channel and see how you can be part of the live experience.

This week, John and Michael discuss Colin Baker's time as Doctor Who, DragonCon, Sharknado, and a collection of Batman 66 themed podcasts you can listen to for the 50th anniversary of the classic TV series. And being a live experience, there are going to be problems. Pulling back the curtain, you'll find the following:

  • The first six minutes were missing from the live broadcast as John forgot to actually hit the "On Air" and as a result, people didn't hear the first six minutes of the show.

  • Plus, Michael's audio was not recorded in the backup recording. So John went and edited the two audio recordings together to get the best podcast episode. So in those first six minutes, it sounds like John is talking to himself.

Take a moment to let us know what you think of the show in the comments here or by visiting our Facebook page. A new email address will be along shortly, but you can use the contact feature here on the website to get in touch with us as well.

Show Notes

6:00 - Are we live?

10:10 Colin Baker as The Doctor

16:05 - Michael talks about DragonCon 2016

24:05 - John thinks we may be seeing the end of Sharknado

36:57 - Generations Geek promo

38:06 - SciFi Diner Podcast promo

40:00 - John shares a collection of Batman 66 themed podcasts

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