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Episode 47: Part of the Family

Episode 47—Part of the Family

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, dive into Alien 3 (1992) as they continue their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, always listen to Ripley!


Intro :28

Sequel Overview :50

You Waited Six Years for This? 2:03

On Seeing it Again 2:55

On Extended Editions 4:15

Where’d Those Eggs Come From Though? 5:05

The Nix of Hicks and Newt 6:45

Why the Y-Y? 7:28

The Autopsy and the Parasite 9:13

The Cremation and the Sermon 10:54

The Shaved Head and Ripley Power 11:54

Ripley and the Doctor: Uh, No 13:20

Sigourney and Nimoy and Doyle 15:00

Ripley’s Awake Time 15:29

Bishop Reboots 16:43

Prison Assault 17:43

Nameless Deaths 18:43

The Doctor Dies 19:34

Ripley Takes Over 20:00

Again with the Ventilation Shafts 20:30

Company’s Coming 21:00

Ripley’s Expecting 21:20

The Redemption of Charles S. Dutton 24:03

Ripley Swears Like a . . . Tailor? 26:07

Grab a Xenomorph by the Tail 27:13

The Preacher Dies 28:35

Hot Lead and Cold Water 28:55

Bishop II Arrives 29:37

With Company Like This, Who Needs Aliens 30:35

What’s Up with Bishop’s Ear 31:05

Ripley’s Sacrifice 32:11

Scott’s Alien 3 Head Canon 33:00

The Special Edition: A Different Movie 36:24

Xenomorphs and the Eighth Doctor 38:02

Other Lost Scenes 38:38

Alien 3 vs. Alien and Aliens 40:00

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