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Episode 015: Colin Baker as Doctor Who

Recorded on April 15, 2018 on Facebook Live

We pick up our look at the different eras of the cult British television series, Doctor Who with a discussion on the brief time of Colin Baker. John is joined by author Julio Angel Ortiz to discuss why Colin Baker does not deserve the reputation of being a poor Doctor. They break it down looking at the few episodes Baker appeared in from the perspective of those involved in the production. In addition, John also briefly Brings to the Table - a look at one of the oddest complaints about the new Netflix Lost in Space series - the "rabid feminist" approach.

Julio Angel Ortiz is a writer in both print and electronic media. Julio has had an audio drama released for the original sci-fi series The Dome and short stories published in collections by Obverse Books featuring Iris Wildthyme and Señor 105. He also has several eBooks available for Kindle via his Vox Camera imprint. When not banging his head against his notebook in order to string words together, Julio works in Information Technology during the day and is also active blogging, posting on Twitter, and working at his photography.

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