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Episode 011: In Review March 2018

Recorded on Facebook Live Sunday, March 18, 2018.

Our monthly review episode is jammed packed with opinion pieces from old and new contributors to the Rift. Keith DeCandido and Dan Persons are back with TV and movie reviews. We welcome Denise Lhamon of The Weekly Podioplex as our book reviewer. And for the first time ever on The Chronic Rift, we have a music reviewer in the form of J. Andrew World. Add to it another look at pop culture by Ken Holtzhouser and you've got a new In Review episode of The Chronic Rift.


0:00 - John shares two items of interest in Bringing it to the Table - a tin Batman sign and an animated figure of the alien from Independence Day.

3:50 - Dan Persons takes a look at Justice League now that it's been released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

12:10 - Denise Lhamon talks about Rasputin: Faith, Power and the Twilight of the Romanovs by Douglas Smith.

19:40 - We introduce a new music review segment as J. Andrew World breaks down the album Ridotto by Out Out and offers quotes from an interview he did with the album's writer Mark Alan Miller. Interview follows at the bottom of this entry. Check out the Spotify playlist J. Andrew has created with Out Out's music.

28:50 - Keith DeCandido is digging the second season of Jessica Jones on Netflix and suggests you try out The Alienist on TNT.

39:10 - Ken Holtzhouser makes the claim that Superman is back as his portrayal was the most heroic in the recently released Justice League.

48:10 - Promo - The Weekly Podioplex

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