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Episode 21: 1990 Roundtable Awards

Keith DeCandido welcomes new host Andrea Lipinski to the show and throws her into the fire by having her host the first annual Roundtable Awards. The awards were given to the best in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic art in 1990. Presenters include Jo Duffy, Orenthal Hawkins, Paula Araya, Joseph Pierce, and Celeste Hotaling. Plus, Jack Womack accepts the award for our first inductee into the Hall of Fame for author William Gibson.

Trivia: Another special event show that didn't feature any of the usual segments. Since we couldn't any of the actual winners to attend to accept their award, two fans of the series came up to accept for the multiple wins for "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The Roundtable was simply a gold painted pizza box centerpiece placed on a black styrofoam base. Apparently, "Star Trek" producer Ron Moore did keep the award on display in his office at Paramount for some time.

Originally Aired: March 18, 1991

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