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Episode 008: In Review - February 2018

Recorded on Facebook Live February 25, 2018.

It's that time of the month, when John gets a hankering for taking a look at all things pop culture and reviewing them with a group of people whose opinion he trusts. This month, the focus is on Marvel's Black Panther movie. John is joined by Denise Lhamon of The Weekly Podioplex and artist Mike Fichera. Together they discuss Dan Persons' assertion that Marvel didn't really push the envelope when it came to the social message of the movie. Plus, they chat about the glut of super hero projects in general and is the bubble about to burst with thanks to commentary from Ken Holtzhouser. It's all here, plus a little Bringing it to the Table for a new In Review for February 2018.


6:10 - Mike addresses the concerns that there is too many Marvel movies to keep up with, a discussion that will continue well into the episode.

11:45 - The Batcave Podcast promo

13:30 - Dan Persons offers his thoughts on the latest offering from the MCU, Black Panther and we discuss what came across as an odd note in the review.

48:50 - Ken Holtzhauser opines on the glut of super hero entertainment and how we might just be reaching the bursting of the bubble.

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