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August 22, 2017

On The Weekly Podioplex, we present a double feature in honor of Dragon Con, but it's a tale of good news and bad news: Starting with the bad, this summer is not good. This week's winner was a so-so flick, and the other newbie at the box office couldnít even break third place. Logan Lucky, The Hitman's Bodyguard... you have failed this summer season. On the other hand, Wonder Woman is a shining star around the world an in the DC Extended Universe. Over the next two weeks, things won't get better, but at least the studios can clear the decks and get ready for autumn.

The home entertainment slate sparkles in comparison with Guardians of the Galaxy (Zardu Hasselfrau!) Wonder Woman leading the charge. We also get Supergirl, The Walking Dead, both Jessica Jones and Daredevil, Gotham, Star Wars Rebels, and (literally) more titles than we could cover. With new television on the horizon, it's a clearinghouse of titles ready for you. After that bumper crop, Denise offers up news of Good Omens, The Jetsons, and two beasts in one is an animal, and the other is Daniel Craig. With that, we put a wrap on summer and this Dragon Con double digest edition of The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network.

Weekly Podioplex Notes for August 22, 2017


Opening Clip: Leap!

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – The Hitman’s Bodyguard – [New Release] #2 – Annabelle: Creation – [-1] #3 – Logan Lucky – [New Release] #4 – Dunkirk – [-2] #5 – The Nut Job: Nutty by Nature – [-2] #6 – The Emoji Movie – [Even]

#7 – Spider-Man: Homecoming – [Even] #8 – Girls Trip – [-3] #9 – The Dark Tower – [-5] #10 – Wind River – [+10]

Tops From the Past

2012 – The Expendables 2 2007 – Superbad 1997 – G.I. Jane 1987 – Stakeout 1977 – The Kentucky Fried Movie

Box Office Premieres for the weeks of August 25, 2017 and September 1, 2017

August 25, 2017: Wide

Leap! – [PG]

All Saints – [PG]

Birth of the Dragon – [PG-13]

August 25, 2017: Limited

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) – [R] Beach Rats – [R] Polina – [NR] A Gentleman – [NR] Ghost House – [R] Red Christmas – [NR]

Served Like a Girl – [NR]

The Villainess – [NR]

September 1, 2017: Wide

Tulip Fever – [R]

September 1, 2017: Limited

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – [PG] Unlocked – [R] Delores – [NR] Viceroy’s House – [NR] Do It Like an Hombre – [NR] The Teacher – [UR] Temple – [NR] Jackal – [NR]

Home Entertainment for the weeks of August 22, 2017 and August 29, 2017

August 22, 2017: New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – [PG-13]

August 29, 2017: New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Baywatch – [R]

Batman and Harley Quinn – [PG-13]

August 22, 2017: New Releases on Digital Video

The Mummy – [PG-13]

August 29, 2017: New Releases on Digital Video

Wonder Woman – [PG-13]

August 22, 2017: TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Supergirl: Season Two (2016)

The Walking Dead: Season Seven (2016) Ash vs Evil Dead: Season Two (2016)

Lucifer: Season Two (2016)

Jessica Jones: Season One (2015)

Daredevil: Season Two (2016)

August 29, 2017: TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Star Wars Rebels: Season Three (2016)

Gotham: Season Three (2016) Elementary: Season Five (2016)

Designated Survivor: Season One (2016)

August 22, 2017: Blu-Rays From the Past

Life Is Beautiful (1997) – [PG-13]

August 29, 2017: Blu-Rays From the Past

Sabrina (1954) – [NR]

Podcast Promos

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Quick Flicks

Puppies PSA: Revisited (we’re serious this time) Good Omens The Jetsons TV pilot (er, what?) The Beast is an Animal and Ridley Scott Daniel Craig returns as James Bond


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