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July 11, 2017

After a brief break, The Weekly Podioplex has returned to news of an infestation at the box office. This week's winner is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which made a pretty big splash for a superhero whose only reward is supposedly action. The wallcrawler faces a new challenge as war comes to the Planet of the Apes. Simian or spider: Who will win?

The home entertainment slate goes high octane with The Fate of the Furious, a lost city, the Smurfs, and the unexplained between magic and time travelers on TV. After Leeloo Dallas Multipass goes 4K for a 20th anniversary, Denise returns with news of Netflix, gender and race conflicts in popular TV, and word that James Bond may expand to a whole shared universe of stories. This and more come together on a new edition of The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network.

Weekly Podioplex Notes for July 11th, 2017


Opening Clip: War for the Planet of the Apes

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – Spider-Man: Homecoming – [New Release] #2 – Despicable Me 3 – [-1] #3 – Baby Driver – [-1] #4 – Wonder Woman – [Even] #5 – Transformers: The Last Knight – [-2] #6 – Cars 3 – [-1]

#7 – The House – [-1] #8 – The Big Sick – [+4] #9 – 47 Meters Down – [-2] #10 – The Beguiled – [-2]

Tops From the Past

2012 – Ice Age: Continental Drift 2007 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 1997 – Men in Black 1987 – Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise 1977 – The Deep

Box Office Premieres for the week of July 14th, 2017


War for the Planet of the Apes – [PG-13]

Wish Upon – [PG-13]

The Big Sick – [R]


Lady Macbeth – [R] Chasing Coral – [NR] Blind – [R]

Home Entertainment for the week of July 11th, 2017

New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Fate of the Furious – [PG-13]

The Lost City of Z – [PG-13]

Smurfs: The Lost Village – [PG]

Big Miracle – [PG]

New Releases on Digital Video

Going in Style – [PG-13]

TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

The Magicians: Season Two (2017)

Class: Series One (2016)

Blu-Rays From the Past

The Fifth Element (1997) – [PG]

Podcast Promos

11.22.63: A Look Back Join your hosts, Troy Heinritz and Wayne Henderson, for in-depth theories, discussion, fun, and your thoughts on Hulu's TV series 11.22.63.

Quick Flicks

Top Gun 2 in 2019 Netflix Class of 2018 Gillian Anderson takes on The X-Files writer’s room A James Bond Universe of films? Gemini Man gets a release date Hawaii Five-O shakeups The Umbrella Academy Wonder Woman John Carpenter on the small screen: Tales for a Halloween Night


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