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Episode 40: Mack Trek

Episode 40—Mack Trek

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson welcomes New York Times bestselling author David Mack to the show for part one of an in-depth interview. In this episode they discuss Dave’s many contributions to Star Trek across a variety of formats from TV scripts to computer games to novels. And in a new “All the Squee” segment, Ella reviews the stage play Frankenstein starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller. Plus, an aside to Cumberbatch’s turn as Hamlet. Double-length episode!


Intro :28

Just Scott and Dave, No Ella :54

Trek Writer Cage Match 1:40

Geek Gateway 4:28

Space: 1999 5:51

Almost All the Trek Mediums 8:27

Starting on TV 9:40

Breaking into Trek Print 13:10

Moving Along to Novels 18:00

Star Trek: Discovery 20:15

Pushing Daisies 24:54

Computer Games 26:19

Tech the Tech 28:36

Bringing Death to SCE 30:35

Destiny of the Borg 40:55

All the Squee: Frankenstein 42:22

Birth of the Monster 43:50

Monster Rejected 46:00

Monster Meets World 47:48

Cumberbatch v. Miller 48:34

Favorite Scene 51:43

A Monster Gone Bad 52:45

A Monster’s Christmas 54:15

How Things End 55:03

The Bride of the Monster 59:08

The Story Behind the Play 59:43

Stage Effects 1:02:16

The Creation of the Monster 1:05:01

The Play on the Movie Screen 1:07:00

The Ungrateful Family 1:08:55

Aside: Hamlet 1:10:20

Mary Shelley Invents Sci-Fi 1:13:06

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