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The Guardian of Forever - A Star Trek Podcast: "The Man Trap"

"The Man Trap"

September 8, 1966

50 years ago on this date, Star Trek premiered on the NBC Network. Most people know the story of the struggle the show went through to stay on the air, the letter-writing campaigns that were mounted in an effort to save the show from cancellation. It only lasted three seasons, but it lived on with the fans through syndicated television. From there, the show spawned numerous spin-off television shows and theatrical movies. As Star Trek moves into a new generation with a recently released movie and a new television series set to bow in January 2017, John felt it was the time to take a moment a discuss each episode on the 50th anniversary of its airing.

Joining John to discuss the series is "the next generation" of fandom, Krissy Myers. Together, they will take a brief look at each episode and offer their immediate reactions to watching each either for the first time, as in Krissy's case, or after numerous viewings, as in John's case.

First up is the very first episode, "The Man Trap". The two talk about how Canada was cheated in getting the credit for the actual 50th anniversary of the premiere of the series, how the televised episode differs from earlier drafts (based on John's readings of James Blish's adaptation), and how this felt more like an episode of Lost in Space and not Star Trek. Take a listen and join in the conversation, letting us know what you think here or over on our Facebook page.

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