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Presenting the Transcription Feature: X-MINUS ONE & YOU BET YOUR LIFE

We start with another thrilling science fiction tale adapted for radio on “X-Minus One”: “A Logic Named Joe,” based on the short story by Murray Leinster that first appeared in “Astounding Science Fiction” in March of 1946. Fifty years before the internet, Leinster’s story predicted the use of household computers (“logics”) and the dangers and privacy concerns that would arise once they were networked together. Then the quips never stop when the one, the only Groucho Marx hosts “You Bet Your Life.” A train conductor and a longshoreman, then a diamond merchant and a dime-store saleswoman provide fodder for a flood of one-liners and snappy ad-libs from the funniest man on radio.


X Minus One

“A Logic Named Joe”

December 28, 1955


You Bet Your Life

“The Secret Word is Money”

March 22, 1950

32: 38

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