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The Batcave Podcast: Episode 51 - "The Wail of the Siren"

"The Wail of the Siren"

Aired September 28,, 1967

We met her briefly in the last episode, but now The Siren takes the center stage as the villainess of the week. Joan Collins is one of the better guests and gives one of the better performances in the third season. In fact, there is much to be praised about this story which has more of the feel of a second season story and also has one of the better Robin/Batgirl team-ups.


Joining John to discuss what many consider one of the better, if not one of the best, episodes of the third season is writer/editor Glenn Greenberg.

Glenn Greenberg is an award-winning editor and writer. He worked extensively for Marvel Comics and DC Comics on such properties as Spider-Man, the Hulk, Superman, Star Trek, Star-Lord, the Silver Surfer, Thor, Iron Man, and Dracula, as well as Web-based tie-in projects for the film Superman Returns and the weekly comic-book series 52. His work has also appeared in such publications as TIME Magazine For Kids, Scholastic News, Time Out New York, Back Issue, and Smoke. Glenn has also written several works of prose Star Trek fiction for Simon and Schuster, and is now making the jump to The X-Files for an upcoming fiction anthology that will be published by IDW. He avidly covers all aspects of popular culture on his blog, “Glenn Greenberg’s Grumblings” (, and welcomes anyone and everyone to check it out.


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