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Presenting the Transcription Feature: THE LONE RANGER & THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM

Let’s begin tonight with another thrilling story of the masked rider of justice, “The Lone Ranger.” We always think of the Lone Ranger as a hero, but to the people of the Old West, he was “The Masked Man,” a character a little more morally ambiguous. Tonight, he and Tonto go up against bureaucracy and marauding outlaws hiding in the hills. Then on “The Jack Benny Program,” it’s the first show of the new season. Everyone has been off, and they haven’t seen each other all summer. Jack has just arrived home from three weeks’ vacation in Hawaii and is anxious to get together with his friends.


The Lone Ranger

April 22, 1938

“Murder of Pony Express Rider”


The Jack Benny Program

September 13, 1953

“Back From Vacation in Hawaii”



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