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Presenting the Transcription Feature: JEFF REGAN, INVESTIGATOR & MY FRIEND IRMA

As we approach Thanksgiving, we’re going to start off with a Turkey Day-themed crime drama and then then a comedy. “Jeff Regan, Investigator” starred Jack Webb as a private investigator working for the International Detective Bureau. The show just barely pre-dates “Dragnet,” and Webb’s Regan is even drier in delivery than Joe Friday, and more sarcastically verbose. In tonight’s episode, he’s dispatched to retrieve a turkey from a mysterious estate, and finds murder and mayhem. Then “My Friend Irma” was one of those radio comedies that spawned a whole franchise. The series centers on the comic mis-adventures of two single girls sharing an apartment in the big city. Each episode is narrated by the bright, reliable Jane Stacy. It’s never long before her friend and roommate, the pretty, but scatterbrained, Irma Peterson, gets everyone into some sort of wacky situation. This time, it’s planning a Thanksgiving dinner.


Jeff Regan, Investigator November 20, 1948 “The Pilgrim’s Progress” 2:38

My Friend Irma November 15, 1948 “Thanksgiving Turkey” aka “Thanksgiving is Approaching” 33:54


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