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Presenting the Transcription Feature: FAMILY THEATER & OUR MISS BROOKS

For the Fourth of July, we’re going to present two Independence Day-themed episodes of classic old time radio. First drama then comedy. “Family Theater” was a family-friendly anthology show featuring a mix of original stories and adaptations of literary classics, usually starring big names from Hollywood. This week’s program is a dramatization of a particular moment in history -- the writing of The Declaration of Independence. It’s narrated by Loretta Young and stars Robert Stack as Thomas Jefferson. And, if you are a fan of the musical “1776,” note what’s the same in this adaptation and what’s different. Then on “Our Miss Brooks,” our intrepid heroine plans to meet her boyfriend in the countryside for the 4th of July weekend.


Family Theater July 1, 1953 “The Longest Hour” 2:42

Our Miss Brooks July 3, 1949 “July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs” aka “Conklin’s Blood Pressure” 26:03


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