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Episode 53: Return to Ragnarok

Episode 53—Return to Ragnarok

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and cohost Ella Pearson rescue a lost episode! First begun in the wee hours after the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok, after catching up on sleep they somehow never got back to wrapping up the recording. Now they finally return to Ragnarok to add final thoughts after having watched it many times.


Intro :28

First Thoughts 1:13

Cameos in the Play 11:57

Let’s Talk About Loki 12:45

Just Goldblum It 14:43

Digression: Kiwi vs. Aussie Accent 15:05

Let’s Talk About Valkyrie 15:45

Digression: Eye Lines, Film Class, and Holtzmann 17:53

Back to the Valkyrie and Fan Fiction 20:02

Taika and Indigenous Peoples 24:27

Maori Humor 26:43

The Hulk 29:04

Trailers versus Spoilers 29:37

Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye 33:27

Hela, aka Bad Galadriel 35:44

Gods and Mythology 36:42

Sibling Tropes 37:36

Suppressed History 38:44

The Warriors Three and Sif 39:40

Where Are the Women of the MCU 41:32

Comic Book Costumes 44:46

The Elevator Scene 47:37

Last Battle and Redemptions 48:50

Favorite Characters in the MCU 49:58

Favorite Bits 51:19

Loki and Thor and Odin 53:19

Loki and Doctor Strange 57:29

Chris and Taika 60:32

Banner Still Banner 62:07

What Happens Next in the MCU 62:44

Digression: Ella Dunks on Comic Books 68:32

Back to the Infinity Stones 70:21

Epilogue: Return to Ragnarok 71:05

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