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Episode 51: An American Geek in London

Episode 51—An American Geek in London

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson welcomes his cohost Ella back for an entire show as she Skypes in from London with super geeky Middle-earth and Star Trek adventures, including an interview with Mo, aka @soundofcosplay, an Austrian Trek fan whose Paul Stamets cosplay has taken Twitter by storm, attracting the admiration of the cast of Star Trek: Discovery, especially Anthony “Stamets” Rapp! Epic double-length episode!


Intro :28

Tolkien Art Exhibit 1:05

Art! Doodles! Name Changing! 2:35

Good Guys and Bad Guys 3:20

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth 4:09

Paper Scavenging 5:35

Spanish versus Elvish 7:16

So Much Good Stuff 7:56

The Hobbit Dustjacket 10:42

What’s a Hobbit? 11:35

Harry Potter Locations 12:05

Destination Star Trek Birmingham 13:20

The Oversleepening 14:53

The Press Conference 17:30

The Young American 20:30

Interviewing Garak and Rom 21:32

Opening Ceremonies: The Shat 25:30

Anthony, Wilson, and Ken, Oh My 27:50

Minnesota Baby 31:04

Lobbying with the Actors 31:49

The Siddig High-Five Incident 33:50

Trekkin’ with Eighties Music 35:03

Bertha the Caravan 35:39

The Last-Minute Con 36:20

Saturday is Panel Day 37:10

James Swallow 39:05

Con Food 41:15

Red Carpet Premiere 44:50

What We Left Behind 46:30

On Being a Young Fan 47:10

Terry Farrell Leaves DS9 50:43

Ira Steven Behr 51:05

Season 8 Episode 1 51:44

Watch the End Credits 52:30

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