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Episode 48: The Doctor is the Monster

Episode 48—The Doctor is the Monster

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson talks with urban fantasy author Melissa F. Olson about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in part one of a two-part interview. Then his daughter Ella pops in for, among other things, a spoilery mini review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.


Intro :28

Who’s the Monster 1:30

Mary Shelley’s Complex Characters 6:20

Frankenstein: Reading and Teaching 8:27

Klinger’s Annotated Frankenstein and Multiple Texts 10:41

Mary’s Text versus Percy’s Text 13:50

Mary Wrote Frankenstein, Full Stop 16:32

Frankenstein Scholarship 17:57

Coincidence in Frankenstein 20:11

On Not Reading Mary’s Other Books 21:40

Nesting and Filtered Narratives 22:45

On Victor Being a Weasel 27:15

Mary and Percy’s Death 29:43

It’s Alive! 31:55

Victor Almost Never Learns 33:50

Sidebar: Dracula 2000 and Klinger’s Annotated Dracula 38:43

On Discovering Klinger and Collecting Frankenstein 43:44

Editing a Dream Frankenstein 45:57

Ella is SO Busy 47:45

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour 49:22

Some Upcoming Fifth Season Shows 54:35

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 55:50

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