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Episode 18: "Ace in the Hole"



The Hornet is trying to broker a deal between two rival gangs, but the arrival of Mike Axford nearly threatens the whole thing. A quick thinking Hornet makes it look like Axford's dead, when in reality he's holding him until the case is closed. But one of the gangsters discovers Oxford's alive and that the Hornet is double crossing them. If this sounds more like a comedy than a drama or adventure story, you might not be mistaken. John postulates to Jim that this could be The Green Hornet's attempt at humor that didn't go over very well. In addition, John and Jim talk about the different versions of Batman and The Green Hornet that we see over the course of their respective 1966-1967 seasons. Are they the same characters in each episode we see them in? Or are we looking in at alternate Earths?

Take a listen and then let us know what you think of the episode by writing us here or at

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