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Episode 020: Sylvester McCoy as DOCTOR WHO

Recorded on Facebook Live on June 10, 2018

In the late 80s, British fans of the television show DOCTOR WHO were dismayed to see their beloved series placed on an 18 month hiatus. There were many who felt the series needed it, especially after what was considered a disaster by many in the casting of Colin Baker in the title role. And then it was announced that actor Sylvester McCot would be taking over the role. Like one of his predecessors, Tom Baker, McCoy didn't have much acting experience. His biggest claim to fame was his act of stuffing ferrets down his pants. But in the three years that McCoy held the role, he managed to turn it from what looked to be a comical farce into one of the darkest portrayals of he Time Lord ever. John is joined by author Julio Angel Ortiz to discuss what worked and what didn't work during those final years of the "classic" series. They also talk about the "New Adventures" novels and McCoy's appearance in the Paul McGann TV movie. Plus, Ken Holtzhouser chimes in with the time he met McCoy and the significance of it on his life.

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