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Episode 46: Treknology

Episode 46—Treknology

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson welcomes astrophysicist Ethan Siegel to discuss science and Treknology, his new book about how the technology of Star Trek compares with what we have now and what we could develop in the future. Plus, Ella reacts to the surprise at the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season finale.


Intro :28

What Came First, Trek or Science 1:08

When Trek Took Hold 3:00

Science as a Career 5:19

On Becoming an Astrophysicist 7:30

All the Star Trek 9:46

What Do Cosmologists Do 10:30

Popularizing Science 14:14

Space Kilts! 15:43

Carl Sagan 16:55

Writing About Science 20:17

Treknology: Holograms 24:00

Geordi’s VISOR 27:10

Synthehol 30:05

Tech That’s Better Than Trek 33:50

Universal Translators 35:08

Replicators 37:10

The Borg…But in a Good Way 38:00

Human Life Extension 41:05

Warp Drive 45:20

FtL Communication 50:29

Emergency Medical Hologram 51:41

Transporters Would be Nice 54:20

Phasers 54:59

Bonus: Weather Control 56:28

Ella Reacts to Discovery Finale 59:36

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