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Episode 3: Password Game Overview

The vid-cast is back and with a new twist for the new year. The show is being recorded live on Facebook via the Home Game Show Podcast page. If you're on Facebook, follow the page for when new episodes are going live.

In this episode, we're looking at Password. The game has run on and off television on all three networks since the early 1960's. And yet, it's got one of the most simple premises - guess the word via a series of one word clues. But the real secret to the success of Password is the celebrities who would come on to play.

John takes a brief look at the history of the series and shows off some of the home versions that are available, including Endless Games' Second Edition of the game that will be the focus of our gameplay next episode.

Plus, we watch an episode of the 60s version with Elizabeth Montgomery and Martin Landau.

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