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November 28, 2017

On a this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, we return to a world where the Justice League almost made it two for two, but the superior power of Disney and Pixar is hard to beat. Coco is your champion, and with only limited releases on the slate for this week's newbies, there's hardly any stopping a repeat performance. Home entertainment is equally sparse, highlighting Logan Lucky, Get Out, the second installment of the Kingsman adventures, and the return of the Gilmore Girls.

To wrap it all up, Denise talks Tolkien in a Lord of the Rings-apalooza! It's a short slate, but it's still a brand new edition of The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network.

Weekly Podioplex Notes for November 28, 2017


Opening Clip: The Disaster Artist

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – Coco – [New Release] #2 – Justice League – [-1] #3 – Wonder – [-1] #4 – Thor: Ragnarok – [-1] #5 – Daddy’s Home 2 – [-1] #6 – Murder on the Orient Express – [-1]

#7 – The Star – [-1] #8 – A Bad Moms Christmas – [-1] #9 – Roman J. Israel, Esq. – [+28] #10 – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – [-1]

Tops From the Past

2012 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 2007 – Enchanted 1997 – Flubber 1987 – Three Men and a Baby 1977 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Box Office Premieres

December 1, 2017: Wide


December 1, 2017: Limited

The Disaster Artist – [R] Wonder Wheel – [PG-13] Padmavati – [NR] The Shape of Water – [R] The Tribes of Palos Verdes – [R] Love Beats Rhymes – [R] Gangster Land – [NR] Another WolfCop – [NR]

Naples ‘44 – [NR]

Slumber – [R] Drawing Home – [NR]

Shadowman – [NR]

Home Entertainment

November 28, 2017: New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Logan Lucky – [PG-13]

Get Out – [R]

November 28, 2017: New Releases on Digital Video

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – [R]

November 28, 2017: TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016)

November 28, 2017: Blu-Rays From the Past

Misery (1990) – [R]

Podcast Promos

Geek Radio Daily

Geek Radio Daily is a place for geeks and stealth geeks alike to hang out and talk about a variety of geeky topics. Check out the somtimes weekly podcast…..sWeekly, if you will. The GRD sWeekly ‘cast is usually available on Mondays, and if you are new to the show, just jump right in!

Quick Flicks

The Lord of the Rings-apalooza!


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