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Episode 33: SHAZAM! - "Speak No Evil"


"Speak No Evil"

October 11, 1975

Paul and his friends are hanging out on a Sunday afternoon and are bored. So they decide to go to school. Makes sense, right? Paul has his misgivings and he's proven right when his friends accidentally start a fire and his dog is almost killed in it before being saved by Captain Marvel. Billy and Mentor know Paul knows something but he doesn't want to be a "fink". Will he see it's better to admit the truth before it's too late?

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Moral: “Don't ever be afraid of being called a name. As long as you're sure what you're doing is right, there's no word... no name... that can harm you."

Guest Cast

Melvin F. Allen as Sheriff

Danny Bonaduce as Paul

Eric Chase as Sam

Ty Henderson as Kyle

Hal Lynch as John Jerome

Kerry Maclane as Chuck

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