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Episode 63: "Penguin's Clean Sweep"

"Penguin's Clean Sweep"

Aired January 25, 1968

It's the final appearance of Burgess Meredith as The Penguin and he doesn't exactly go out in a blaze of glory. The story involved Penguin trying to collect all of Gotham City's money that he has convinced the public is tainted with Lygerian Sleeping Sickness. Despite the hokey sounding plot, John still feels there are some things of merit in this one and talks about it with Batman at 45 author Chris Gould.

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Chris Gould was born in the UK in 1983, and has lived in Japan since 2008. His career so far has seen him work as a political researcher, local government officer, sports journalist, business English teacher, translator and magazine writer.

Introduced to Batman re-runs as a child, Chris would watch the show as a junior high-schooler, university student and mid-career professional, his appreciation taking on new forms at every step.

Convinced that Batman constitutes the definitive guide to mid-60s popular culture, and is therefore an invaluable source of study for future generations, Chris took to researching the show in detail, eventually producing the ebook: Batman at 45: The Ultimate Tribute to Pow, Bam and Zap!

The aim of his research is to underline the point that no matter how many years have passed, Batman, through its sheer diversity of stars and insightful lines, helps us fully understand how we got to where we are today.

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