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Episode 43—They Aren’t What We Thought They Were

Episode 43—They Aren’t What We Thought They Were

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, try to make sense of Ridley Scott’s retcons Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, as they begin an epic review of the entire Alien movie series. Plus, Scott can’t stop saying “muddled” and Ella dives into Alan Dean Foster’s Covenant novelization, comparing and contrasting with the film. Double-length episode!


Intro :28

Waiter, There’s DNA in My Soup 1:03

On Seeing Prometheus Twice 4:00

Ancient Astronauts? Seriously? 4:38

Answering Questions No One Asked 8:00

Christmas and Prometheus 8:45

Creepy David 11:15

We’re Here! 13:00

Are There Other Aliens in the Alien Movies? 14:32

Stupid Scientists 17:20

Here’s the Thing About Ridley 20:30

Space Suit? No, Those Were Skeletons! 21:25

Hey, We Found an Alien Head! 22:55

Waiter, There’s Black Goo in My Drink 24:50

Snake Monster Just Wants to Snuggle 25:47

Vickers Taking Care of Business 30:15

It’s a Squid! 32:02

Sexist Medical Pod 32:55

What is This Movie About? 34:35

Shaw Taking Care of Business 35:20

Engineer Wakes Up on the Wrong Side of the Pod 38:58

Getting That Old-Time Religion 39:32

Just Run to the Side! 42:02

David’s Head and the Squid Baby 43:35

Prometheus: Final Thoughts 45:38

Alien TED Talk 49:37

Covenant: First Thoughts 52:03

Answering Questions No One Asked, Part Deux 54:45

Engineering Xenomorphs 56:12

What is This Movie About? Part Deux 59:12

“The Crossing”: Shaw and David’s Head 1:00:55

“The Last Supper”: That’s a Franco 1:04:32

Who Loves Walter? We Do 1:07:10

Weyland and David 1:08:00

Arriving at the Engineer’s Planet 1:09:00

Xenomorph Spores? Seriously? 1:11:07

Ash, David, and the Company 1:13:06

The Creator and the Created 1:14:45

Prequels vs. Alien/Aliens 1:15:43

David: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs 1:16:38

Quarantine: Like That’s Going to Happen 1:17:52

Uh, What About Those Corpses? 1:20:49

Hey, Look in This Slimy Egg! 1:21:36

Colonists, Shmolonists 1:24:45

David and Walter and Daniels 1:25:55

Xenomorphs and Neomorphs 1:30:13

Back on the Ship 1:31:42

And We Thought Hairballs Were Gross 1:32:41

Covenant: Final Thoughts 1:33:40

Book Report: The Covenant Novelization 1:37:04

Changes in the Book 1:41:50

Let’s Talk More About Walter and Daniels 1:45:40

The Captain and David and Xenomorphs 1:59:35

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