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The Batcave Podcast: Episode 57 - "The Londinium Larcenies/The Foggiest Notion/The Bloody Tower

"The Londinium Larcenies/The Foggiest Notion/The Bloody Tower"

Aired November 23/30 and December 6, 1967

Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon travel to Londinium at the request of the President to help Venerable Ireland Yard with a series of bizarre thefts throughout the city. Batman quickly realizes that the evidence points to Lord Marmaduke Ffogg and Lady Penelope Peasoup and her finishing school for girls.

​Once again, we are faced with a three-part story so big, it needs three guests hosts to cover every detail. Jim Beard of Gotham City 14 Miles travels with John overseas to discuss the episode with Andrew Leyland of the HeyKids Comics Podcast and photographer and Batman 66 board moderator Ben Bentley. We know we like it, but why? It's a mess of a story and there are a number of missed opportunities. And does Batgirl really play a part in this story? It's all here on a double-sized episode.

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