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SciFi Diner Podcast 278: Our Interview with Steven H. Wilson (Prometheus Radio Theatre and Arbiter C

Please call the listener line at 1(260) 577-2428, Email us at or visit us on Twitter @scifidiner. Facebook Fan Page. And check out our YouTube channel. We are apart of the Chronic Rift Network of podcasts.

Tonight’s Diners: Scott, Miles, and M.

SACRIFICE PLAY is the third novel based on THE ARBITER CHRONICLES, a science fiction audio drama which has won the Mark Time Silver Award and the Parsec Award. SACRIFICE PLAY is scheduled for release in trade paperback and eBook this Summer from Firebringer Press. Comic book artist Caio Cacau has painted the cover.

Additionally, the cast of THE ARBITER CHRONICLES will voice a full-cast audiobook version of the novel.

The goal of the funding campaign is to pay the artists, voice actors and production staff for their hard work in creating this multimedia adventure.

On behalf of Firebringer Press and Promethues Radio Theatre, thank you for your ongoing support of our work, and we look forward to making SACRIFICE PLAY a success with your help!

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