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Generations Geek: Episode 39—Special Grup Edition—Dead Talking

Episode 39—Special Grup Edition—Dead Talking

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter discuss the brutal Walking Dead season seven premiere—definitely not for the youngest geeks in the family—and what they each did the next day to recover.


Intro :28

First Thoughts—Salty 1:15

It’s Not About Who Died 2:32

Uncomfortably Numb 4:16

Broken Characters, Broken Viewers 6:25

The Lingering Death of Glenn 9:02

Let’s Not Forget Abraham 12:07

The Glenn Fake-Out 14:05

Earning Not Manipulating 15:40

Throwing in the Towel? 17:28

Disturbing Precedents 18:42

Talking Dead 21:08

Neegan and Daryl 25:00

Neegan and Rick 27:15

Carl’s Hand 30:49

Recovering 36:03

What About the Baby? 38:52

Feral Daryl 42:25

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