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Generations Geek: Episode 38 - STAR TREK BEYOND

Episode 38, Star Trek Beyond

Scott Pearson and his daughter discuss the latest Star Trek movie in the Kelvinverse established by J.J. Abrams. Is the third time the charm?


Intro :28

Star Trek (2009) recap :49

Star Trek Into Darkness recap 3:06

Star Trek Beyond 8:17

Three Years Gone 10:44

Mopey Kirk 11:22

Plot Echoes 12:50

Yorktown? More Like Crazytown 13:14

A Tale of Two Sulus 14:00

Subtle Husband and Daughter 15:47

Spock and Uhuru…On a Break? 18:16

When Good Rescues Go Bad 18:45

Jaylah! Jaylah! Jaylah! 20:50

Carol Marcus? No, Thanks 21:45

Spock and Uhura Up in a Tree 22:55

A Motorcycle on a Spaceship? 24:43

Shout Out to the NX-01 25:34

The Big Bad Guy 26:02

Hiding Things in Your Head 27:18

Jaylah and Scotty NOT in a Tree 28:50

Subtle Husband on the Bridge 29:50

Crazytown Chase Scene 31:18

More on the Big Bad Guy 32:24

Bad Guys: Redeemable or Not 33:34

Of Borg and Puppies 36:51

Final Scenes 38:32

Fans’ Hearts Breaking 39:15

A Trek for 2016 41:28

Beyond Star Trek Beyond 44:00

Star Trek Discovery 44:33

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