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The Chronic Rift: Episode 005 - Where Every Podcast Has Gone Before

John and Krissy are joined by the wonderful Billy Flynn of Geek Radio Daily in the first hour of the podcast. They talk about Stranger Things, The Tick, British actors affecting American accents, Match Game 2016 and the whole game show revival and more. In the second hour, the three are joined by writer/editor Jim Beard to discuss the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Some questions discussed include:

- Do we fetishize Star Trek to the point where we miss the point of it? (with thanks to Dan Persons for his commentary)

- Is it fair that Star Trek, the original series, is sharing the celebration with all the other versions of the Star Trek series?

- Which kind of Star Trek works best?

Show Notes

4:55 - Billy Flynn feels that Stranger Things is a great homage to 80s Stephen King.

16:38 - John is hoping that people will vote for The Tick as Amazon's next produced series.

27:00 - Krissy recounts her meeting and having a conversation with Charlie Cox of Daredevil.

32:22 - A discussion of ABC's Sunday night game shows and how things have changed and in many respects have remained the same occurs.

48:39 - Krissy plugs a Kickstarter - All the Places You'll Boldly Go - by David Gerrold and Ty Templeton.

53:25 - Dan Persons offers his thoughts on the 50th anniversary which leads into our discussion in the next hour.

1:02:20 - Jim Beard joins the gang to discuss the 50th anniversary of Star Trek

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