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Generations Geek: Episode 37 - Bats and Supes

Episode 37, Bats and Supes

Scott Pearson and his daughter discuss Man of Steel and Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice and how they build the DC Extended Universe. Plus, they’re both excited about the Wonder Woman trailer.


Intro :28

First Time Viewer :48

Man of Steel 1:35

Supes—Why So Serious? 1:58

Saving Lois Lane 4:10

Meanwhile, Back on Krypton 6:02

This is a Secret Identity? 8:38

Not So Super, Boy 9:05

A Time for Emo Superman? 11:53

He’s a Wanderer 13:01

Lois of the Arctic 14:10

Zod on Earth 16:33

Ouch, Metropolis 19:03

Final Supes Thoughts 20:27

Batman versus Superman 22:32

What’s Batman’s Deal? 22:45

Clark & Bruce & Lex & Diane 24:12

Adam West Shout Out 26:25

Ouch, Metropolis Redux 27:30

Straight to Kill 28:07

Google Gotham & Metropolis 28:30

Bats, Supes, and Killing 30:08

Building DCEU v. MCU 32:19

Diane’s Laptop 33:42

Wonder Woman Before Black Widow?! 34:58

Wonder Woman & Bats and Supes & Doomsday 36:31

Bats and Supes Make Nice 38:03

Death of Supes and Clark 39:06

Final Bats and Supes Thoughts 40:36

Wonder Woman Trailer 42:44

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