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The Weekly Podioplex: August 9, 2016

On an all-new edition of The Weekly Podioplex, Amanda Waller and her crazy idea took over the box office and defied critics as Suicide Squad walked away with the gold. The real test comes this week as Harley Quinn and company face off against Disney's newest live-action fairy tale remake in Pete's Dragon. How will the bad guys stand up against the pure innocence of Pete and Elliott?

The home entertainment front is TV heavy this week, spotlighting the effervescent Supergirl, the suspenseful 11.22.63, and the adventure of NCIS: New Orleans. Add in a dash of Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman as another classics comes to Blu-Ray, and you have a new edition of The Weekly Podioplex, only on The Chronic Rift Network.

Weekly Podioplex Notes for August 9, 2016


Opening Clip: Pete’s Dragon

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – Suicide Squad – [New Release] #2 – Jason Bourne – [-1] #3 – Bad Moms – [Even] #4 – The Secret Life of Pets – [Even] #5 – Star Trek Beyond – [-3] #6 – Nine Lives – [New Release]

#7 – Lights Out – [-1] #8 – Nerve – [Even] #9 – Ghostbusters – [-2] #10 – Ice Age: Collision Course – [-5]

Tops From the Past

2011 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes 2006 – Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 1996 – Jack 1986 – Aliens 1976 – The Omen

Box Office Premieres for the week of August 12th, 2016


Pete’s Dragon – [PG]

Florence Foster Jenkins – [PG-13]

Sausage Party – [R]


Hell or High Water – [R] Anthropoid – [R]

Operation Chromite – [NR]

Edge of Winter – [R]

Ghost Team – [PG-13]

Home Entertainment for the week of August 9th, 2016

New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Addicted to Fresno – [NR]

A Hologram for the King – [R]

New Releases on Digital Video

Weiner – [R]

TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Supergirl: Season One (2015) 11.22.63: Season One (2015) NCIS: New Orleans: Season Two (2015)

Blu-Rays From the Past

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958) – [NR]

Podcast Promos

11.22.63: A Look Back Join your hosts, Troy Heinritz and Wayne Henderson, for in-depth theories, discussion, fun, and your thoughts on Hulu's TV series 11.22.63.

Quick Flicks



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