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The Shazam/Isis Podcast: Episode 21 - "On Winning"


"On Winning"

September 6, 1975

The second season of Shazam! begins and it looks like business as usual. In fact, that's the problem here, for a season premiere of a hot Saturday morning television show, the opening of its second season is somewhat lackluster. Two brothers are vying for their father's attention and the younger of the two feels left out. But he soon learns that his father loves him enough to risk his life for him.

The second season of Shazam! begins and while there are many changes in store for the coming season, this first episode doesn't seem to demonstrate it. John and Richard discuss how what is right with a usual episode of Shazam! is what is wrong with this season opener. Plus, they discuss how the Elders flashbacks that Billy has during the course of the episode are not neccessary and won't be missed on Isis.

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Moral: "Winning isn't the important thing. What is important, is to do the very best you can. And a parent's love is a very special kind of love, its so big, that no matter how many brothers or sisters you have, there's more than enough love for everyone."

Guest Cast

Stephen R. Hudis as Dan

John Lupton as Craig Enright

Eric Shea as Corky

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