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Presenting the Transcription Feature: FORECAST & X MINUS ONE

“Forecast” was a radio show specifically designed to try out new shows. Both “Suspense” and “Duffy’s Tavern” got their starts there. Tonight, we present the pilot for a show I would have absolutely loved had it gone to series, but alas it did not. “Leave It To Jeeves,” was inspired by the P.G. Wodehouse tales of young man-about-town Bertie Wooster and his personal gentleman’s gentleman, Jeeves. Starring Edward Everett Horton and Alan Mowbray, respectively, this tale doesn’t actually adapt any of the Wodehouse tales, but it does take the structure and pay homage to the sort of situations in which Bertie and Jeeves were always finding themselves: engagements, errands for aunts… Any Wodehouse fan will be at home in this comic, twisty misadventure. Then “X Minus One” adapts Murray Leinster’s science fiction tale of time travel by phone call, “Sam, This Is You.”


Forecast August 12, 1940 “Leave It To Jeeves” 2:49

X Minus One October 31, 1956 “Sam, This Is You” 34:18


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