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Presenting the Transcription Feature 183: The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe & The Jack Benny Program

Nero Wolfe, the brilliant, but lazy, detective created by Rex Stout, famously almost never left his house. One of the few things that could stir him was his love of orchids. In tonight’s episode of “The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe” starring Sydney Greenstreet, it is indeed some of those lovely plants that draw him into a murder at a flower shop. Then on “The Jack Benny Program,” Jack and the gang are planning to take the train to New York ... if their adventures at the station don’t derail them first.


The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe

December 29, 1950

“The Case of TheBashful Body”


The Jack Benny Program

February 21, 1954

“Jack At the Train Station” aka “Train Trip to New York”



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