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Presenting the Transcription Feature 182: SUSPENSE & INFORMATION PLEASE

We start off tonight with an episode of “Suspense” that isn’t all that suspenseful, i.e. spooky. But it’s a lot of fun. “The Lost Special” is based on a non-Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which first appeared in “The Strand Magazine” in August, 1898. Orson Welles narrates. This is an Armed Forces Radio rebroadcast, which means the ads have been taken out. It was played overseas for US troops. Then, our guests on tonight’s episode of the quiz show “Information Please” are science popularizer Bernard Jaffe and … Harpo Marx? Yes. The show revels in the sheer novelty of having Harpo, the one Marx Brother who doesn’t speak, on a panel, and he still manages be witty and delightful.


Suspense September 30, 1943 “The Lost Special” 2:04

Information Please October 25, 1938 “Guests: Bernard Jaffe and Harpo Marx” 33:18


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