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Episode 42: ISIS - "Girl Driver"


"Girl Driver"

November 29, 1975

​​Freddie is running for president of the Auto Club, but faces strong opposition from Mack. The two agree to a Relay Race to settle who would make a better president, but Mack has plans of his own on how the race should be run and won.

We continue our reviews of the DC Comics 1970s run of The Mighty Isis, looking at the penultimate issue, a story that really takes the series in a new direction, both story and character-wise.

Next, it's a look at the episode, "Girl Driver". Among the topics discussed are the progression of Cindy Lee as a character from the start of the series to now, why a general election wasn't held to determine who would be president of the club, Sid and Marty Kroft versus Filmation live action shows, and the new outfits everyone gets to wear in this episode.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as

Moral: "In today's story, Mac learned that Freddie can drive just as well as he can, even though she is a girl. Not too many years ago, there were a lot of jobs that people thought were just for men. But times are changing, and today there are no jobs that are not open to qualified people, whether they be men or women. Each of us should have the chance to do whatever we dream, be it mechanic, astronaut, or President of the United States."

Guest Cast

Susan Lawrence as Feddie Charlton

Steve Doubet as Mac Lennard


Albert Reed as Doctor Barnes

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