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Episode 41: ISIS - "Funny Gal"


"Funny Gal"

November 22, 1975

Carrie has low self-esteem due to her weight. It causes her to save people the time and trouble of putting her down by being self-deprecating. Her friends convince her to run for Student Body President as they think she would be very good at it as a creative individual. But she thinks the only way she can win is if she can pull off a publicity stunt that will get her noticed. So she steals Rick Mason's boat and gets herself stranded out in the ocean as a storm approaches. It's more than Isis can manage so she calls upon the aid of Captain Marvel.

Before getting into this week's review, John and Richard discuss the sixth issue of the DC Comics 1970s The Mighty Isis comic run. This is the issue John remembers from his youth as it's the only issue he owned. They break down the continuing change in the character of Isis and the very provocative cover on the issue.

Next, it's a look at the episode, "Funny Gal". Among the topics discussed are the question of the moral really matching the story, the appearance of Captain Marvel in this episode and how Jackson Bostwick might have played it, and the appreciation of practical stunts being performed in this episode that harkens back to the first season of Shazam!.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as

Moral: "You have to like and respect yourself. Each of us have many things we can be proud of. Things we can do as well, maybe even better than anyone else. So don’t put yourself down. Being popular means caring about other people and yourself."

Guest Cast

Sandra Vacey as Carrie Anson

Jonas Agee as Greg Aley

and special guest star

John Davey as Captain Marvel

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