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Episode 38: ISIS - "How to Find a Friend"


"How to Find a Friend"

November 1, 1975

Tom is a troubled student who tries to make friends, but fails. He comes up with the idea of really impressing a kid with a dirt bike he wants to ride by offering him an antique gun that belongs to his father. The problem is the firing mechanism of the gun is rusted and the weapon could go off in the user's hands.

This is a packed episode even though it isn't action packed. First, Richard relates his attending Big Apple Comic Con in New York with Jackson Bostwick and how the two participated in a panel on the history of the use of the name, Captain Marvel. Next, John and Richard discuss the third issue of the 1976 DC Comics run of Isis. Finally, they discuss the episode itself. Richard likes it more than John, finding the time manipulation elements interesting, while John just finds it weird.

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Moral: "In today's story, Tom learns that you cannot buy friendship. Real friends are those who like you for yourself, not because you are giving them presents. And Tom learned something else. He learned that a gun is not a toy. A lot of people are sorry, because they were hurt by a gun they thought wasn't loaded. So, play it safe. Don't play with a gun, then you'll never be sorry."

Guest Cast

Mike Lookinland as Tom Anderson

Buddy Foster as Billie

Tommy Norden as Joe

Russ Martin as Mister Anderson


Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

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