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Episode 41: Midnight Mack (part 2)

Episode 41—Midnight Mack

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson concludes his two-part in-depth interview with New York Times bestselling author David Mack. In this episode they discuss Mack’s love of the band Rush, his non-Star Trek tie-in fiction, and his original fiction, featuring his forthcoming novel The Midnight Front, the first of his Dark Arts trilogy. Double-length episode!


Intro :28

Meeting the Band 2:43

Vinyl and Tape and CDs, Oh My 6:00

Vapor Trails Redux 6:43

2113: Writing Rush 14:07

24: Rogue 24:54

Favorite Sci-Fi Books and Shows 31:15

Some NOT Sci-Fi Faves 38:40

Original Fiction: The Calling 40:40

On Writing Urban Fantasy 46:32

The Calling Gets Orphaned 48:43

The Dark Arts Series is Born 53:32

Book One: The Midnight Front 54:53

The Novelette: Hell Rode With Her 1:02:29

The Dark Arts Going Forward 1:06:55

Ella’s Dave Mack Story 1:10:24

Listen to part one:

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