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The Shazam Isis Podcast: Episode 25 - Isis - "Fool's Dare"


"Fool's Dare"

September 13, 1975

Cindy Lee takes a dare to spend time in an abandoned junkyard. But she's unaware of the danger that lies within. And how is the junkyard connected to a car theft ring? And why doesn't Andrea simply turn to Isis for help when her car is stolen? These questions and more will be discussed on a new episode of the podcast.

John and Richard wind up being split on how they feel about this episode. It's good, but is it as good as one of them feels? Also, what were the producers thinking when they dressed Cindy Lee in the more child-like clothing? And just how cool is Tut? Take a listen and let us know what you think.

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode. Write us as

Moral: "When someone dares you to do something, it's often either something dangerous or wrong to for some other reason. So the question isn't whether you have the guts to do it or not, the question is do you have the nerve enough not to take the dare? Doing anything that you know is wrong is dumb, because you're the one who pays for it."

Guest Cast

Charles Cyphers as Sam Niles

Frank Whiteman as Cy Khan

Josh Albee as Ernie Rothchild

Jeff Tyler as Frank Iverson

Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

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