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A Quick Look at ABC's Sunday Night Game Show Block

Just a few thoughts on last night's block of game show programming from ABC.

Family Feud - I gave it another chance in the hopes it might have cleaned up its act. It's a shame that the producers do not have confidence in the game or its awesome host Steve Harvey that it needs to resort to dumb sex jokes. The lowest point was when Harvey acknowledged an underaged kid who was clapping loudest because an attractive women sheepishly gave butt sex as an answer to the question, "Name something you can do with a butt." This is what TV has gotten to? Pass.

$100,000 Pyramid - This has to be the most faithful adaptation of the classic game show. Host Michael Strahan is incredible and the questions are straightforward. There was a moment of sexual humor, but it was organic as part of an answer and not forced, brought on by a lame writer who wrote a question leading to it like with Family Feud.

Match Game - Another faithful adaptation, IMO. I see many complaining about the sexual nature of the show. Did you not watch the 70s show? If any show should be leaning that way, it's Match Game. And yet, it wasn't as blunt or vulgar like Family Feud. I felt it worked. Also, there were those who didn't like host Alec Baldwin. He definitely needs time to fall into the role, but complaining that he was lewd and suggesting that Gene Rayburn would be spinning in his grave at the behavior is way off. Again, did you not see the 70s series? Rayburn often made sexual jokes, at the expense of women, in the original series.

If you're into gameshows, my recommendation is to start watching at nine.

And let me throw To Tell the Truth in the mix. Yeah, it airs on Tuesdays, but it's an ABC show. I like it. Yes, there is bit more of a sexual nature to some of the guests, but it's harmless. I like the added element of Anthony Anderson's mother keeping score and I like that they hold a mini-game with the two liars to determine what their story is.

My only complaint is that I really don't think these shows need an hour of play each week. Always leaving them wanting more. If ABC was smart, they'd have a strip of half-hour game shows on Sunday culminating in an hour long variety/talk show at ten.

Think about it, starting at eight with a more subdued Family Feud, followed by $100,000 Pyramid, Match Game, To Tell the Truth, Hollywood Squares, and What's My Line? This would make Sundays interesting for the summer and give people something to talk about around the water cooler on Monday.

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