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GENERATIONS GEEK: Episode 36 - Superhero League Adventure Squad

Episode 36, Superhero League Adventure Squad

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson (Star Trek: The Original Series: The More Things Change) and his daughter welcome comic book artist Christopher Jones to chat about his work for DC and Marvel plus his life as a geek, his favorite superhero, conventions, Doctor Who, and more!


Intro :29

Geek Origin Story :56

First Comic Strip 3:48

Advice for Comic Artists 6:10

Going Pro 11:40

Young Heroes in Love 16:50

Justice League Adventures 18:19

The Batman Strikes! 18:51

Animation Properties 20:21

Favorite Characters (Hint: Flying Mammal) 21:50

Other Favorites 26:40

Parallel Man 27:19

Other Comic Companies 31:02

Current Project: Also Known As 33:31

Conventions and Fandom 35:07

Young Justice 39:29

Superhero TV 45:41

Marvel Cinematic Universe 53:00

Doctor Who 55:18

Chris Jones: Niche Celebrity 1:05:03

Upcoming Projects And Cons 1:08:39

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